I Lost My Tickets To See The Pope

The Pope’s visit to New York is the big rave. Matter of fact, it’s the big news that’s trending on social media and other platforms. Everyone is excited and many can’t wait for Pope Francis to arrive in New York. According to the news media,tickets to see the Pope auctioned on Ebay for as much as $1000. No one knows for sure whether these Ebay tickets are genuine but,I won two genuine tickets for the Pope’s visit and will have to settle for seeing him on television instead. I can only console myself by saying, seeing the Pope in person is was probably not meant to be.
How I Got Free Tickets To See The Pope
One day I was watching a local news station which was broadcasting the Papal’s visit to New York. After, that the Reporter announced the giving away of tickets to see the Pope. It so happened that, the Mayor’s office had tickets on hand to give away and the only way to get hold of two tickets was through a raffle. When I submitted my entry it was said that I would be notified by email should I win so, I entered the raffle and went about my life like I normally do.
papal visit nyc 2015 tickets

How I Lost My Tickets To See The Pope
Now, I don’t check my email daily because it’s mostly junk mail in there. Maybe once every two weeks or twice a week I will check email and I did not remember that winner notification of Pope’s ticket would be through email so I didn’t bother check every day. On September 18th, when I checked my email, I was shocked to read Congratulations, you won two tickets to see Pope Francis when he visits New York. After doing the dance, you know the victory dance that people do when they win something, I clicked to RSVP because it was required and was in for another terrible shock. A very rude awakening if you ask me.

papal visit nyc 2015 tickets

This time, I did not do any victory dance. At the moment, I felt like I had lost something very valuable even though I did not pay for these tickets. But,this is a historic time,a time to be part of history in the making and I missed it. An opportunity like that comes only once. Use your imagination and picture me sitting there with my mouth wide open staring at the screen. I did not cry even though, I wanted too. I just slunk down in the chair and buried my head in my hands for about ten minutes because I could not believe that, I was this close to seeing the Pope only to miss the deadline to RSVP which was September 15th. On September 18th, when I clicked to RSVP, I got the most horrifying, shocking news which prevented me from seeing being part of the Papal visit to New York City.


What Kept Me From Making History With the Papal Visit to NYC
Well, I was busy getting this fundraiser for the victims of Tropical Storm Erika going. If you recall, on August 27th, my island of Dominica was badly devastated by this hurricane in which about twenty people died,many became homeless and, some are still unaccounted for. The damage is far more worse than anyone expected or imagined. Heavy flooding destroyed homes, bridges and roads making life difficult for Dominicans. So, a https://www.gofundme.com/BPSDominicaRelief page was set up and boxes were placed to accept donations. The images from the aftermath of the storm are very heart wrenching. Many people are not aware of the extent of the damage because the media is focused on the migrant situation in Europe. So, this is what prevented me from reserving my tickets for the papal visit to NYC. Please click fundDominica to help Dominica. Thanks

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    5 essential items you need to pack for your winter holiday

    With the feeble winters we are used to in the UK, especially in the more southerly half, we can become overly used to just rushing out of the car and into the shop with little more than a jumper on to keep the cold at bay. When snowfall measures just an inch, and bright sun and soaring temperatures the next day are going to melt it away before breakfast, we’re not undergoing any sort of survival training for the real, honest-to-goodness, brutal winter landscape that you come across when you go away for a holiday in the snow.

    Whether you are driving up to Aviemore in Scotland for great skiing conditions, or heading abroad for some foreign snow, you’ll need to keep warm throughout your trip. Here are 5 things you’ll need to pack to make sure you don’t succumb to foreign chills!

    winterholidaypackingimage by photoeverywhere.co.uk

    Clothes: it comes down to quality over quantity

    Simply adding extra layers of cheap clothes is not usually the best way to keep warm. Fewer but good quality winter clothes, made from real wool, is the way to go. A jacket or coat that is designed for bad weather is paramount, and good quality thermal underwear will keep you warm. Most will still continue to work well even if it gets wet. Take plenty of woolen socks,because those will get wet for sure, and feet get cold quicker than almost any other part of the body. If you have young children with you, remember they can get cold much more easily than adults (even though they may claim otherwise!)


    Invest in three hard-wearing accessories: a hat, gloves and a warm scarf. The hat should be one that fully covers the ears and the back of the neck; it will be especially valuable in cold winds. The wool scarf might seem unnecessary, but it can fit into a pocket and yet be a real boon when you realize the wind is much colder than you expected.

    packing4winterholidayimage by photoeverywhere.co.uk

    Keeping out the wet

    For footwear, Gore-Tex boots are designed to stay waterproof in all weathers and are generally considered to be the ultimate in bad weather gear. A good tread will help you avoid slipping on all that pesky ice.


    Protect your eyes

    In thick snow a pair of polarized sunglasses is also a must. They stop the constant reflection of the sunlight into your eyes, which is not only annoying, but extremely tiring on the eyes.

    Always be prepared: take backup outfits

    Finally, carry a complete second set of outdoor clothing just in case you get absolutely soaked while you’re out and about. Nothing spoils a holiday more than being unable to go and enjoy yourself simply because you have nothing dry to wear!

    To give more space in your checked-in luggage on a flight, wear your bulkiest garments onto the plane ‐ you can stuff them into the overhead racks once on board, but this way, you’ll avoid using half a suitcase for one thick jacket.

    Adventure with Cable Car on Winter Season by photoeverywhere.co.uk

    Many of the items recommended here can be expensive to buy, but the holiday is a major investment itself and it would be a pity to have it damaged simply through not having the right gear with you to stay warm. As long as you remember to pack smart and prepare for your holiday well in advance, you should enjoy a trip in the winter sun that’s memorable for all the right reasons!

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    Laura Madison is Head of Marketing at Avanti Travelcare who specialize in travel insurance for those with pre-existing medical conditions, and are one of very few that have no upper age limit on their policies.

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      Cruising the Caribbean: Paradise With Many Faces

      Cruising the Caribbean: The Caribbean is a famous and beloved destination for many. When you plan your Caribbean cruise vacation you may be faced with the problem of what island to choose? Well, have no fear as all of them are quite unique and have their own face. Having spent about 6 months on a Caribbean cruise vacation, believe me when I say, it’s a nice diversity to dive into. So, if it’s your first time on Caribbean cruise vacation, the best way to explore it is via a cruise liner. This way,you get to see several islands at once and get to make more or less a clear impression of its diversity and beauty.
      So let’s start cruising!
      On my Caribbean cruise vacation, I cruised with Princess Cruises and was very satisfied with the company! Their ship, Caribbean Princess is new, comfortable,and has everything you need for the perfect Caribbean cruise vacation: restaurants,pool,cinema,shops you name it!

      Normally,the cruise departs from San Juan, Puerto Rico which is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen! Washed by the Atlantic ocean and the Caribbean Sea, it is very vibrant and colorful with a nice old fort to visit and very friendly people. San Juan is also very modern and at the same time historical. It’s love at the first site!
      During your Caribbean cruise vacation,when you go cruising the islands,you’ll be surprised to see how different each island is. Each island is marked by different colonial influences like the Dutch, Spanish,and British etc. Each has its own landscape for example, Barbados is very flat with amazing white beaches so, be careful when sunbathing there because, it’s super easy to get sunburn. Grenada is mountainous with amazing rainforests. Be sure to visit them and also check the great waterfalls. Also, be prepared for the differences of each island. Some may strike you as odd with their old shabby houses and very poor inhabitants: St. Lucia, Grenada,and Tortola… The others are more prosperous and suited for the Tourist who loves comfort and the finer things in life: Aruba, Bonaire…

      Local cuisine is very tasty,delicious,and fresh with lots of seafood and obviously nutmeg that grows all over the islands. On your Caribbean cruise vacation, you can drink amazing coconut water right from the shell. They are sold right on the street and costs about $2.
      Although, the food is quite simple,delicious,and filling, one can find lots of small cafes and restaurants. Still, prices depend on the island and location but generally, you can always find something decent and cheap.
      Let’s not forget the beaches. One word-paradise! You will get a chance to experience something exotic if you haven’t. For example, in Grenada, there are black sand beaches which are made from lava but, the best white beaches are in Barbados. You’ll be surprised to see huge turtles swimming along side you when you go swimming. It’s amazing! You can also go canoeing in mangrove trees! While on your Caribbean cruise vacation, you can take advantage of amazing snorkeling in Aruba. In addition, this place is great for shopping as it is one of the most modern islands!
      Always book an excursion on the ship. It’s much better and comfortable than looking for something on the island! Shopping for souvenirs can be very overwhelming as the Caribbean islands have so much to offer. There are lots of markets with souvenirs so, I suggest you shop there! Don’t forget the cigars and rum! It’s much better to buy the alcohol on the ship as, it’s cheaper there and you can be sure of its quality!

      So, when planning your Caribbean cruise vacation, whatever island you choose, you will find yourself in a true paradise with many unique traditions and surprises available. It’s a place where you want to return over and over again. Cruise the Caribbean, the paradise with many faces!
      See more of my photos here. Please visit my online store, FreeArt or join me on the site that pays you to socialize at tsu.co/FreeArt

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        Enjoy The Benefits Of A Luxury Holiday

        A Luxury Holiday will help you feel like New

        Luxury Holiday: It is not as if most people need to find an excuse or a reason to enjoy a luxury holiday. There is a great deal to be said for making a break from the rigors of normal life and when it comes to enjoying yourself in a different setting and environment,you will find that a luxury holiday is a tremendous way to take a break.


        You may find that different people have different ideas of what constitutes a luxury holiday but there is no getting away from the fact that there are some components that most people will agree on. It usually involves stunning accommodations,tremendous views,quality service, and the chance to relax and unwind in perfect comfort. Some people may want a luxury holiday that is energetic and busy but,for most people, the definition of a luxury holiday is one where they don’t have to do a lot. Whether you are lazing by the beach or having the chance to enjoy yourself by the side of the pool,as long as you have the sunshine,a book (or electronic reading device) and the chance to keep yourself hydrated with the drink of your choice, most people will consider it to be a luxury holiday.


        The sort of luxury holiday destination that people would have previously considered to be the solely reserved for the rich and famous can now be enjoyed by people of all status. Many people are saving up to enjoy a stunning holiday while, there are also people who decide that a one-off holiday for a honeymoon or to mark a special occasion is just what they need to enjoy themselves while feeling good in the process. This is why, there are more people looking into a luxury holiday and the great news is that there is an opportunity to reap many benefits from enjoying a luxury holiday.


        A luxury holiday can boost your health

        Okay, if you laze by the pool all day eating and drinking without doing much exercise, you may find that you will put on some weight but, aside from this aspect, you will find that there are health benefits to be gained from taking a luxury holiday. The sunshine is packed full of vitamin D and this is hugely important for the way that we live and also our general health. If you can enjoy the sunshine in a responsible manner,you will feel brighter and energized. This can help you plough through work and make the most of your time in the aftermath of your holiday. It sometimes feel like a drag returning from holiday but, when you are feeling better and relaxed, there is a real chance to be more positive and optimistic about life.


        You can feel closer as a couple or family

        If you are traveling to your luxury holiday with loved ones, an idyllic break in a great setting with fantastic weather can be all you need to help you get through. When you are at home dealing with the pressure and issues of modern life, it can be all too easy to get caught up in your own issues and pressures. Being able to relax and unwind in a great setting also gives you the ideal opportunity to listen to others and spend some quality time together. One of the biggest problems of modern life is that so many people lack the opportunity to enjoy quality time with their loved ones. Taking a luxury holiday to a stunning destination provides the perfect opportunity to forget about the aspects that steal your time at home, and focus on spending quality time with the people that you love.


        If you are away as a couple, this quiet time for the two of you is definitely something that will help you to get to know each other better, and create some great memories that will last a lifetime. This is why so many couples are heading to luxury holiday destinations when it comes to making the most of their honeymoon. When you want to escape from the pressure and hassle of everyday life, make sure you find the perfect destination that allows you to enjoy yourselves in a perfect setting,


        Luxury holidays offer a number of major benefits compared to standard holidays and, if you are looking to reap the rewards for a considerable period to come, make sure that you find the luxury holiday that best chimes in with your needs.

        Featured images:
        • luxury hotel kitchen

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