Where To Buy Inexpensive Disneyland Tickets

Here’s Where To Buy Inexpensive Disneyland Tickets

Where to buy inexpensive Disneyland tickets may be the answer to the prayer of many who dream of going on that dream vacation to Disneyland. People who have been to Disneyland will agree that admittance to this famous theme park is very expensive. That is why knowing how to get inexpensive Disneyland tickets will benefit you as you will not only have a fun time but keep money in your pockets; so read on to discover where to buy inexpensive Disneyland tickets that will add value to your stay at Disneyland.


inexpensive Disneyland tickets A Short Summary About Disneyland. Well Disneyland is situated in California and is a famous vacation hot spot. People from around the world travel just to enjoy its breath taking theme parks which are very popular. This theme park features numerous attractions, famous spots like Mickey’s Toontown, Tomorrow land,and of course amusement rides. The park is especially noted for varied Disney characters,many of whom perform live for huge crowds. If your interest about the Disneyland theme park has been peeked, more information regarding it is available at Disneyland Vacations website.

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When searching for a place to buy inexpensive Disneyland tickets be sure to navigate the Disneyland online site for the most recent rates,as prices change; then move your search to other reputable sites like Expedia.com, where a quick search for Disneyland packages or affordable Disneyland park tickets will provide you with many enticing results.

Like a 1-day theme park pass to Disneyland is $81 for the 3 to 9 age group and $87 for 10 year old and beyond. These prices are valid through December 31st 2013. It works in your favor to purchase the multi day passes as you will see that you save money that way. Here’s an example, an adult’s 5-day pass amounts to $290 (or $58 per day). If that same adult were to spend $87 per day for 5 days that would cost $435. These multi-pass expires 13 days after you first use it or January 13,2014 which ever happens first. You can see the savings and how you will benefit with the purchase of a multi day pass as you continue to search for inexpensive Disneyland tickets. Where to Search For Inexpensive Disneyland Tickets When searching for inexpensive Disneyland tickets,your choices of where to begin are limitless;still some of the most important have been listed for you below:


Search for inexpensive Disneyland tickets on internet deal websites: A quick Google search for inexpensive Disneyland tickets will return many results. You can either purchase cheap Disneyland tickets from these websites or you can keep reading. Just remember that when you purchase inexpensive Disneyland tickets at these sites ahead of time; you are sure to save a bundle.


When Searching for inexpensive Disneyland tickets purchase Southern California City Pass: The Southern California City Pass is a one of a kind pass which also be bought on Expedia.com. Just type Southern California City pass in the search box on Expedia.com and be ready to save. This pass will allow you to receive huge discounts in Disneyland theme parks as well as in other attractions near Disneyland. Always check for more up to date pricing. As of this writing,the cost of passes for 3 to 9 year old cost $269 and for those 10 and above $306. These passes are honored at Sea World, Adventure park and a 3-day pass to Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park,and Universal Studios Hollywood. These prices are the same on both Expedia.com and Disney site.

aResTravel: aRes Travel is a website that also will help you save on Disneyland tickets. If you are looking to purchase discounted Southern California City Passes you can buy them on this site as well.You can also purchase theme park tickets also for $5 off. Although the $5 savings per ticket is a small amount; one gets to see the savings when tickets are purchased for the whole family.

You do not have to rely solely on the resources listed above to grab hold of affordable Disneyland tickets because there are other ways and means to get cheap Disneyland tickets when you are ready to make your Disneyland dream vacation a reality.

  • Consider package deals: Package deals tend to help one save so if you are considering hotel stay, search for hotels offering Disneyland packages;then, pick a hotel that adds cheap Disneyland tickets to their packages.
  • Plan to visit at Off-Peak Times:Many people visit Disneyland during the summer months when it’s very busy and ticket prices are at their peak. But with discounted pricing in Disneyland tickets available during off peak times like the beginning of spring and towards the end of winter;it makes sense to plan your Disneyland visit during off season to take advantage of cheap Disneyland tickets.
  • Visit as a Group: Just as there’s safety in numbers,there are savings for groups of 10 or more so, it would worth your while to plan a group visit and take advantage of group reduced park tickets. Be sure to plan and make arrangements ahead of time as these tickets may be required for advance purchase or you may all have to show up all at once.
  • Utilize Your Affiliations: If you are a military personnel,a student,a member of AAA,or a teacher inquire of park representatives whether they offer park ticket discounts to members of certain groups. You may be shocked to discover that you quality for a discount based on your group affiliations.
  • Where you reside may qualify you for affordable park tickets Disneyland: It’s a little known fact that if you reside in California, you qualify to receive special offers for residents. Just inquire in advance to learn when these promotions will be available for those residing in the area. You will have produce proof of address to verify your ZIP code and photo identification to take advantage of these special offers Disneyland park tickets.

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Don’t be Scammed When Searching for inexpensive Disneyland Tickets There are people who’ve been scammed when purchasing cheap Disneyland tickets from certain online sites. Some Sellers on Craigslist and eBay can bring you headaches. You may think you are walking away with a deal when you may have been scammed without even knowing it. You see,some people use this sites to sell partly used tickets;which may land you in problems if you get caught. For example,if they purchased a 5 day pass and used 3 days they may want to sell the 2 unused days and many people fall for that. So don’t buy these tickets because they are non-Transferable and must be used by the same individual for the duration of the time. If you are caught using someone else pass you can get into hot water because its illegal. So,beware!

Now that you know where to search for Inexpensive Disneyland Tickets, I hope the information will be of great benefit to you. Just make sure that the passes you purchase will be honored when you do decide to visit Disneyland because, they tend to come with expiration dates. Also bear in mind,that cheap is not always the best way to go, as it can cause you heartaches. Some online sites will advertise Disneyland tickets at very affordable prices just to get your money so;before you part with your hard earned money,make sure you are dealing with a trust worthy company. Legitimate sites will usually make visible an Ad display that lets visitors know that they are an authorized Disney ticket Agent.

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