Next-vacation-go-camping:Save money on your next vacation,go camping like we did. Summer was approaching, vacation plans were in the works and we wanted to save money; so a friend suggested that we go camping and we did! Not only did we save money,we had a ball and made great memories.Save money on next vacation go camping

What Is Likely To Happen When You Spend Summers In The House

It can become very tiring spending summer after summer in a house where most of the kids are in their teens. You know how easily bored teens get and since,we all needed a change of scenery along with some fun and relaxation; we went on the cheap and took a much needed vacation that was long over due.

It was a friend’s idea since that friend is part owner of a timeshare and camps every summer upstate with family and friends. So,when he invited us to go camping, we jumped at the idea. We bought a tent,some food supply,load up the van and set out for the great outdoors.

Oh,what a welcome change! Along the way there was no time for the constant bickering as everyone was much too engaged with scenes along the way. Driving through several Amish towns,the beautiful scenery, and the change in atmosphere sparked questions that led to conversations which seldom happens. If a ride away from the normalities had such an effect,then who knows what being at the campsite would accomplish.

Family You Can Save Money On Your Next Vacation When You Go Camping
I’m quite certain that many families don’t realize that they can save money by going camping. That, they don’t have to spend the whole summer at home because, they can’t afford a lavish vacation. Sometimes, people just want to get away and getting away does not always mean taking an airplane or a ship; you don’t have to go very far to make summer vacation pleasurable for all as. your family can have a joyous and memorable time right here in your own backyard. How about camping?

Don’t Have A Friend With A Campsite Timeshare?
Go camping if you don’t know of anyone who owns a timeshare don’t worry as State Parks make allowance for camping and they may even have better and affordable rates that may be right for your pocket. We vacationed right here in New York State and you can vacation in your own state as well.

Research Your State Parks before going Camping

What you need to do is perform a Google search on your State park and you just might be shocked to learn what your State Parks offers.Don’t worry about the hygiene aspect of camping.Bathrooms equipped with toilets, and hot and cold water showers are available for use at your disposal. Bear in mind though,that cost varies and not all camp sites will be equipped with the basics like electricity, water,and sewage. Those without will be cheaper still,you don’t need the headache from the kids. So,it’s always better to choose campsites offering these amenities even though it may be a little bit more.
Nighttime Camping Activities For Everyone

At nights during our camping trip, we sat around the campfire and either listened to stories or music while munching on roasted marshmallows and corn on the cob. Some nights we would join other families in a the big Hall for Bingo or dance to music of a live band. Other nights the hall was available to the kids who amused themselves while playing video and arcade games. There was never a dull moment as during the night and day,there were activities on hand. We visited the camp store,went on hikes,canoeing,played a ball game and bathed in the pool.

Going Camping To Save On Your Next Vacation? -Here’ What You Need

If you’ve never experience sleeping in a tent;let me tell you it’s not so bad. And,as compared to sleeping in a hotel, it’s much more affordable. So,you’ll need camping gear like a tent, air mattress or sleeping bags. These are less costly when purchased on Amazon or if these are last minute plans, borrow your neighbors tent. The families we camped with had a huge cooler so the perishables (hot dogs,burgers,breads,and sodas) found their way into the cooler like the rest. Cooked food were prepared by using a grill and sometimes an open fire. If it’s just you and your family,you may need to invest in a grill or if it’s last minute ask friends if they have camping equipment you can borrow. This is also a way of saving money on your vacation when you go camping

You can save money in every way possible so, if you really want to save money on your next vacation, go camping. Scurrying over to your nearest Grocer will offset the cost of food at the campsite buffet or nearby restaurant. Borrowing camping equipment like tents and grills will also help you save money on your next vacation when you go camping.

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