Cruising the Caribbean: Paradise With Many Faces

Cruising the Caribbean: The Caribbean is a famous and beloved destination for many. When you plan your Caribbean cruise vacation you may be faced with the problem of what island to choose? Well, have no fear as all of them are quite unique and have their own face. Having spent about 6 months on a Caribbean cruise vacation, believe me when I say, it’s a nice diversity to dive into. So, if it’s your first time on Caribbean cruise vacation, the best way to explore it is via a cruise liner. This way,you get to see several islands at once and get to make more or less a clear impression of its diversity and beauty.
So let’s start cruising!
On my Caribbean cruise vacation, I cruised with Princess Cruises and was very satisfied with the company! Their ship, Caribbean Princess is new, comfortable,and has everything you need for the perfect Caribbean cruise vacation: restaurants,pool,cinema,shops you name it!

Normally,the cruise departs from San Juan, Puerto Rico which is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen! Washed by the Atlantic ocean and the Caribbean Sea, it is very vibrant and colorful with a nice old fort to visit and very friendly people. San Juan is also very modern and at the same time historical. It’s love at the first site!
During your Caribbean cruise vacation,when you go cruising the islands,you’ll be surprised to see how different each island is. Each island is marked by different colonial influences like the Dutch, Spanish,and British etc. Each has its own landscape for example, Barbados is very flat with amazing white beaches so, be careful when sunbathing there because, it’s super easy to get sunburn. Grenada is mountainous with amazing rainforests. Be sure to visit them and also check the great waterfalls. Also, be prepared for the differences of each island. Some may strike you as odd with their old shabby houses and very poor inhabitants: St. Lucia, Grenada,and Tortola… The others are more prosperous and suited for the Tourist who loves comfort and the finer things in life: Aruba, Bonaire…

Local cuisine is very tasty,delicious,and fresh with lots of seafood and obviously nutmeg that grows all over the islands. On your Caribbean cruise vacation, you can drink amazing coconut water right from the shell. They are sold right on the street and costs about $2.
Although, the food is quite simple,delicious,and filling, one can find lots of small cafes and restaurants. Still, prices depend on the island and location but generally, you can always find something decent and cheap.
Let’s not forget the beaches. One word-paradise! You will get a chance to experience something exotic if you haven’t. For example, in Grenada, there are black sand beaches which are made from lava but, the best white beaches are in Barbados. You’ll be surprised to see huge turtles swimming along side you when you go swimming. It’s amazing! You can also go canoeing in mangrove trees! While on your Caribbean cruise vacation, you can take advantage of amazing snorkeling in Aruba. In addition, this place is great for shopping as it is one of the most modern islands!
Always book an excursion on the ship. It’s much better and comfortable than looking for something on the island! Shopping for souvenirs can be very overwhelming as the Caribbean islands have so much to offer. There are lots of markets with souvenirs so, I suggest you shop there! Don’t forget the cigars and rum! It’s much better to buy the alcohol on the ship as, it’s cheaper there and you can be sure of its quality!

So, when planning your Caribbean cruise vacation, whatever island you choose, you will find yourself in a true paradise with many unique traditions and surprises available. It’s a place where you want to return over and over again. Cruise the Caribbean, the paradise with many faces!
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