Light Travel Luggage

Light travel luggage:Packing for a vacation can be a daunting task. There are times you want to pack the whole house, just to make sure nothing is forgotten. But after you get on the road reality strikes and you remember you have to carry everything.

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Not only is a lot of luggage difficult to carry, but it is difficult to manage. When you are traveling via airplane (or any other method) the restrictions and tightened security can already take a long time for baggage check in. Transferring to another plane may be next to impossible, if there is a short amount of time between flights. Mishandling of luggage by an airline can be another thorn in traveling with too much luggage.


Determining the real necessities needed for traveling can prove to be fairly simple process if you examine it from the reality perspective.


The first step in light travel luggage packing is thinking about where you are going. What type of weather does the area have? What are you going to do when you get there? If you are going to be at this location a short time, you can check the weather advisory board to determine if you’ll need clothes for multiple temperatures. If you are going on a business trip, bring professional clothes for each day and one or two sets of comfortable after-hours clothes and pajamas. You can go out in the evening in your professional clothes too.One bag airline travel would be appropriate


The second step in light travel luggagepacking is to know how long you are going to be gone. If you are going to be gone for a short period, bring one set of cloths per day. For a lengthy travel, plan on washing your clothes in a laundry mat. Bring clothes that can be worn twice. Heavy clothing such as jeans or even jackets can be worn more than once before they are washed.


The third step in light travel luggage packing is to find the right size of products to bring with you. Bathroom toiletries should be able to fit into a small pouch. Many items come in traveler sizes to reduce the amount you must carry. Additionally, if you don’t have sensitive skin, using the products offered at hotel rooms can be an even lighter way to travel. Don’t bring over-sized products or items that don’t fit well inside your luggage. These are not only awkward to carry, but they can damage your luggage during transit too.

The final step in light travel luggagepacking is to take a trial run carrying your carry_on bag around. The best way to determine if you’ve packed light enough is to walk up and down a few flights of steps. After you walk up and down the flights of steps and you feel fine carrying your luggage, then you will be luggage lightweight!

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Gone are the days when airlines only charged for extra pounds or extra baggage. Today, that’s not the case, as all checked luggage incurs a fee. Therefore, if you can keep all your belongings in a carry_on
that you can carry on the plane with you, you will not have to pay the baggage fee. As long as it can hold in the overhead compartment then you have no problem.


Five of us traveled to Las Vegas Nevada for 3 days and 2 nights. At the airport they wanted to charge us $25 a piece to check in our luggage because it contained a big size lotion. I ended up throwing away the lotion and took the carry ons onto the airline.


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