Why Vacation Rental Owners Need Internet Presence

Vacation Rental:Not many people are ready to invest a small amount of money in a fruitful presence on the Web. Simply because they don’t trust it or they feel uncomfortable with it. Mostly people will go the usual way about their vacation home bookings: go to a local or national newspaper and submit a listing or create a small Web site which will be based on the old-fashioned ‘build it and they will come’ rationale.

It does not work like that anymore; or maybe it does for some, but the sheer amount of time necessary in managing all the communication until the odd booking is secured does not worth it anymore.

A few owners have been doing their homework only to find out that there are a lot of potential in new opportunities for extra revenue on vacation rental bookings. The hard part is to get to it; it is not that hard believe me, you just have to find the short cuts, and this is why I write this.

Well unfortunately yes, you have to become active on the Web, otherwise you will loose extra income. Most people will nowadays look on the Web before pick up Yellow Pages, and chances are they will find what they are looking for on the Web-first time right. And it does mean that in order for you to become active on the Web you will have to build a Web site-especially if you have a vacation property.

If you try and build a Web site, you will have to go a long way to succeed: first you must reach out to bring people in to visit it. Then, you must make them ‘convert’ from visitors to bookings. This is a lot of work, and possibly to much for a simple Web presence that will bring bookings to your property.

There are two right ways to go for: the first is simpler. Find sites that bring bookings and join them. Add your home rental listing there; yes, sites like VRBO or Homeaway will do. But there are other sites too, that work on revenue share, like Expedia and Travelocity. Then all you have to do is answer mails, and process credit cards for new bookings. So here is a good opportunity for new bookings coming from the Web.

The second right way is more complicated but far more effective too: add your vacation house listing on a ‘Platform’. Imagine it like your personal assistant in managing your booking circle. Rental Systems do this very well. You upload your house details, configure your seasonal price plans, any price reductions; then you prepare your listing descriptions, upload photos and videos, prepare your key instructions and you are ready. Then simply advertise your property using the first way (but not Expedia and Travelocity), but instead of promoting your sites link you promote your Rental Systems listing, where everything is automated throughout the booking process-credit card payments, notifications, instructions, all are taking place in the right time that you setup. They even bring you bookings for a 10% revenue share (but you don’t pay anything for the bookings coming from your promotions, except a 2% credit card handling fee).

I can safely say that with this way, you can spend 80% less time on booking management and increase your booking success rate by as much as 100%. This is the new age of vacation home rentals.

People that are searching through the web for information about vacation home, make sure to visit the web page that was mentioned right in this paragraph.

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