Travel Health Precautions

Travel health precautions:Taking a vacation is supposed to be a fun and an enjoyable experience, but if you become ill on the trip the experience will take a turn for the worse. An important precaution when traveling anywhere is to follow health safety regulations.


No matter where you travel, basic health practices should be used. Wash your hands frequently and always before leaving a restroom and before eating. Carry around wet wipes for locations that may not have a sink nearby. Use toilet seat covers or don’t sit on public toilets. Cover your mouth when you cough and nose when you sneeze. Avoid being coughed on or sneezed on by others. Basically, follow the rules your mom taught you about while growing up.

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Before embarking on any trip, look into any health problems the area you are going to may be having. Bird flu is a concern in some areas and has been on the news for over a year. The virus is believed to have spread from Southeast Asia to Europe and is making its way to the Americas. Another widespread health concern is the West Nile virus, America. SARS, which is an atypical form of pneumonia, has been a large problem in China. Knowing what health concerns an area has can help in preventing you from falling victim to them.


Some prevention methods require a vaccination prior to going on the trip. For recommended vaccinations visit the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website ( The CDC website provides a vaccination list based on your destination. The site also provides health information if you have specific medical conditions, are pregnant or are traveling with young children.


Additionally, many areas have contaminated water problems. Make sure when you are heading to these areas that you find an acceptable water source. Some options are to bring your own bottled water or drink non-water products.


Preparing a first aid kit for treatment of common sickness or diseases can give you an added security. Bring not only band aids and aspirin, but medicines for diarrhea and upset stomachs. Talk to your doctor about the area you will be traveling. If malaria is a common ailment, bring a preventative medicine and follow instructions recommended.

A popular proverb says, “Prevention is better than the cure.” Prevent an illness by knowing what’s out there.

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